Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ten by Ten

Zebra Publishing presents
Ten by Ten
We are looking for ten people to perform in ten, ten minutes slots at
the Bridge Hotel in
Newcastle on the nights of Thursday 12th October, Thursday 9th November
and Thursday
14th December.
We want new material, new ideas, you can be a poet, rapper, writer,
singer/songwriter. All we
ask is that the material you perform is your own and your performance
is a maximum of ten
minutes long.
On the night there will be no door charge, no fee and no expenses, it's
just for the hell of it.
We held a trial night at the Cumberland earlier in the year and we were
amazed but not
surprised at the talent that came along and disappointed that we
couldn't give everyone who
applied a spot. You have three dates to choose from, so let us know
which dates you are
interested in and we will try and give everyone their ten minutes of
fame (If you can call
performing at the Bridge Hotel fame).
Email us now…
Jeff & Annie Zebra Publishing

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