Tuesday, October 24, 2006

10 by 10 @ the Bridge Hotel, Newcastle.

Zebra Publishing
Ten by Ten
Bridge Hotel
Nr High Level Bridge
Newcastle upon Tyne
Thursday 9th November
8.00pm onwards
Admission Free
Come along to the Bridge Hotel in Newcastle to see ten top performers
with spoken words,
words set to music, words shared between people, words on walls, words
in songs, words in
poetry, words in stories… each of the ten performers has ten minutes to
engage you, thrill you,
entrance you and hopefully inspire you.
The November Ten by Ten night will be hosted by New Word Order MC Karl
We have a fantastic line up for the Ten by Ten; we have top poets, new
poets, singer
songwriters, poets putting words to music, published poets, unsigned
poets. It's going to be
The performers will be:
Claire Morgan: Domain Jane and Mother will be giving us a taste of her
unique poetry.
Kate Fox was our MC in October and now you can have a chance to hear
this award winning
poet do her own slot.
Shutlar & Spence who sound like a Music Hall act but are in fact a duo
of fine poets
Ira Lightman was on Radio 4 recently, and if you heard him you'll not
want to miss this chance
to see him live.
Kevin Cadwallender is a legend in the North East and one of its most
influential poets.
Ye Min will be reading many short poems around an embarrassing theme.
Katherine Farrimond. Aspiring academic, novice poet, popular culture
geek, and inept waitress
Is this another of Kate's relatives?
The Harlots: Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we have
music from the Harlots
For more info contact jeff@zebrapublishing.co.uk


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